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    Our Mission , Vision & Core Values

    Mission & Vision:

    M.I.A.L. Healthcare unites the best of national and international healthcare to provide an exceptional, personalised care.

    As the UK’s first Italian-speaking hospital-based service, we prioritise patient-centered care with a multidisciplinary and holistic approach.

    Our Mission

    M.I.A.L. delivers outstanding quality care led by high-caliber healthcare professionals. We focus on prevention, early diagnosis, and seamlessly integrate digital health technologies into your care journey.

    Our Vision

    Our vision is to optimise care pathways through innovation, while always emphasising the vital patient-clinician relationship.

    We strive to improve outcomes and the overall healthcare experience for both patients and providers.

    What Sets Us Apart

    Holistic Approach: We treat the whole person, not just the disease, recognising the impact of psychological and social factors on health.

    Accessible Care: We foster a professional yet friendly patient-clinician rapport, ensuring easy access to consultant-level care.

    Diversity & Inclusion: We embrace diversity and multiculturalism for personal enrichment and to ensure equitable care for all.

    Innovation Leaders: We are constantly exploring new technologies and approaches to improve healthcare delivery.

    Commitment to Excellence: These goals are underpinned by rigorous adherence to national and European guidelines, cutting-edge research, and ongoing quality improvement initiatives.

    Charitable Vision: M.I.A.L. has a long-term goal to supporting humanitarian projects in developing countries and investing in socially impactful healthcare and education initiatives, reflecting our belief in the interconnectedness of health and education.


    The DEEP-I Experience: Our Core Values

    Dedication: To our patients and their well-being.

    Excellence: In all aspects of care and research.

    Education: Empowering patients and promoting knowledge.

    Personalised: Tailored care to the individual

    Innovation: Embracing digital health and new frontiers in medicine

    M.I.A.L’s Key Goals

    • Prevention-focused: Emphasise proactive strategies to reduce disease and boost overall health.
    • Specialised care: Deliver expert, multidisciplinary solutions for improved long-term outcomes and reduced hospitalisations.
    • Patient-centered journey: Provide comprehensive care throughout diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and mental well-being.
    • Tech-enabled pathways: Innovate care delivery with digital health, offering both remote and in-person options.
    • Data-driven insights: Leverage data for research breakthroughs and continuous quality improvement.
    • Accessible expertise: Make high-quality care available to more people through innovative solutions.

    DEEP-I: The Heart of Patient-Centered Care

    • Dedication: Patient-focused care is our priority. We foster direct consultant access and a warm, approachable environment to build trust.
    • Excellence: 10+ years of experience, ICHOM registration, and a commitment to research-driven results define our team and our standards.
    • Education: M.I.A.L. gives back. We’ll reinvest in global health initiatives, ensuring the future of compassionate, informed healthcare. SIAL School is our charity of choice.
    • Personalised: Precision medicine, tailored prevention plans, and early diagnosis help us deliver care that’s as unique as your needs.
    • Innovation: Digital health solutions enhance patient journeys. We bring remote expertise and cutting-edge care straight to you.

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    Meet your Doctor

    Dr Vanessa Michielon, PhD, FHEA

    Dr Vanessa Michielon, PhD, FHEA

    Vanessa Michielon, Yoga Lecturer and certified Pilates teacher, has been helping people improve their physical and mental resilience through movement for over 13 years.
    Elisa Grosso

    Elisa Grosso

    Elisa started playing volleyball in Italy at the age of 6, and pursued the sport professionally for 19 years, competing in regional and national competitions.
    Ms Cinzia Sammartino

    Ms Cinzia Sammartino

    Ms Cinzia Sammartino is a highly skilled consultant general surgeon with practice in London...

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