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  • Elisa Grosso

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    Elisa started playing volleyball in Italy at the age of 6, and pursued the sport professionally for 19 years, competing in regional and national competitions.

    With a degree in Sport Science from Magna Graecia University, she began her career as a Kinesiologist and Personal Trainer more than 10 years ago.

    She worked for MIUR (Italian Higher Education) as a physical education teacher and led her own successful Pilates and postural exercise classes, working closely with orthopedic specialists, physiotherapists and osteopaths.

    Since moving to the UK in 2013 she has been working as a senior Personal Trainer, Pilates instructor, corrective exercises specialist and lifestyle performance coach. She fiercely believes in self-betterment and has never stopped learning, keenly diving into new areas of interest such as women’s health, PCOS and pre and post-natal among others. Becoming a mother herself has helped emphasise the importance of this.

    Following the footsteps of doctor Tara Swart – Neuroscientist & author of “The Source” – she has started her mindful journey into the world of neuroplasticity and resilience, bringing these two elements into what has been called “Mindful Fitness” (The Sun – April 2017).

    Elisa specialises in Dynamix Reformer Pilates by David Higgins and trains a range of VIP clients, celebrities and professional athletes.

    • Qualified EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) Trainer and Movementum Coach.
    • Elisa is the creator of EG Pilates.

    EG Pilates is a great mix of Pilates classical principles, (such as control, alignment, concentration, coordination, flowing movements, breathing and relaxation) flexibility, mobility, stability, strength and mindfulness, but also energy and dynamism.

    Elisa’s method puts together perfectly controlled movements for the maximum effect. The aim is to improve the quality of our lives and to build perfectly functioning high performance bodies.

    Being an athlete and weight lifter herself, Elisa teaches how to apply the principles of her Pilates to resistance training, sport specific training, marathon preparation (The Telegraph – April 2023) etc., for a high quality technique and high performance.