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  • One-stops & Rapid access clinic

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    One-stops & Rapid access clinic & MDT clinic

    We have designed several services to treat your condition with a multidisciplinary approach and prompt review.

    Our One-Stop clinic will provide same-day care pathways which includes clinical review, laboratory tests and diagnostics indispensable to diagnose and treat your disease.

    The Rapid-access allows to book a review within 48h 

     The MDT Clinics , Multi-Disciplinary-Team clinic are clinic lead by more than one medical specialist in collaboration with other healthcare professionals , such as physiotherapist or psychologist.

    Examples of those clinics are:

    • One-Stop Heart Failure Clinic includes Heart Failure Consultant review, ECG, NTproBNP & baseline bloods, Echocardiogram 
    • Shortness of breath clinic: comprehends Lung function test and Respiratory review, ECG, Echocardiogram and Cardiology review to diagnose heart and /or lung disease
    • Family screening clinic: if a family member has been diagnosed with suspected or confirmed genetic cardiac disease , your family needs to be checked by a cardiomyopathy specialist . We offer diagnostic and genetic test
    • Long COVID clinic will be tailored on your symptoms and will include a multidisciplinary approach with Internal medicine physician , cardiologist , respiratory consultant depending on your main symptoms . Diagnostic test will be tailored based on your clinical need and limited to those indispensable to clarify your condition.
    • Breath Easy Geriatric is specifically dedicated for our most senior patients with chronic breathing condition , such Asthma and COPD. It will include clinical review , lung function test, Chest X Ray, poli-pharmacy review and respiratory physiotherapy 
    • Syncope Clinic is a multi-specialist clinic lead by a Neurologist and a Cardiology and supported by appropriate diagnostic ( such as ECG Holter for  example) 
    • Rapid access clinic: ask for same day access, will be able to help.