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  • Internal Medicine Dr Luigi De Michele

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    Internal Medicine

    If you have multiple symptoms and an unclear diagnosis or you have been diagnosed with a ‘ systemic disorder’ , you may want to seek the expert opinion of the Internal Medicine  Physician .

    The Internal Medicine doctor is specialised on those acute and chromic conditions which may involve multiple organs of your body . Your condition can present with subtle symptoms or with a broad variety of signs and symptoms that can be debilitating and impacting your quality of life. The Internal Medical physician will investigate the cause and provide the right treatment and will lease with a colleague of different speciality when appropriate.

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    Dr Luigi De Michele our specialist in internal medicine, has an extensive experience to diagnose medical conditions included cancer and infective disease, to manage complexity and patients with comorbidities and polypharmacy. He works alongside other clinician to rule out medical conditions:

    If you have symptoms of 

    weight loss, 

    vague abdominal symptoms,



     other vague symptoms like sweating and 

    if you are in age and affected by multiple medical conditions and polypharmacy, 

    seek for an internal medicine review.

    He will offer a holistic medical assessment and organise radiology tests and blood sample compatible with your conditions. He will support you during the diagnostic journey optimising your medical conditions and medications and will involve other specialist if a definitive diagnosis has been made.