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  • Cardiology Dr Teresa Castiello

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    Dr Teresa Castiello, our Cardiologist, has an extensive experience in treating people with a broad range of heart conditions. She works, alongside with other specialists to diagnose and treat several heart diseases, including, but not limited,  to those listed below.

    If you have symptoms as chest discomfort , shortness of breath, sign of swelling legs , dizzy spells or palpitations, history of collapses , or you have a known cardiac condition, seek for a prompt cardiology review.

    If you have been diagnosed with heart failure or cardiomyopathy or with an inflammation involving your heart seek her expert opinion . If you have a family member with suspected of confirmed  cardiomyopathy or you have history of sudden death in the family, your heart  should be checked by the right specialist.

    She also works in collaboration with Cardiac Surgeons for heart condition requiring intervention and with several health care professional to guarantee personalised and holistic care

    Call her for :

    – General cardiology review

    – Prevention and cardiology screening

    – Heart Failure of any cause

    – Inherited and acquired Cardiomyopathy such as Dilated Cardiomyopathy, Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, Amyloid and infiltrative cardiomyopathies , Metabolic cardiomyopathies , Takotsubo etc

    – Myocarditis of any causes

    – Long COVID

    – Sarcoidosis 

    – Pericarditis and pericardial effusion

    – Arrhythmia : palpitation and dizzy spells

    – Syncope

    – Shortness of breath clinic

    – Hypertension

    – Chronic coronary disease

    – Pre-surgical cardiac review

    – Post cardiac surgery rehabilitation

    – Cardiovascular life-style programme

    – Heart Failure Day Hospital Services

    – Cardiovascular diagnostic:  ECG, Echocardiogram , ECG Holter and BP Holter, Exercise Test

    – Cardiac MRI

    – Second opinion

    – and more, please ask