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  • Internal and Acute Medicine

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    Dr Luigi De Michele, Internal Medicine Consultant MD

    Dr Luigi De Michele is an expert and caring clinician with a broad experience in internal medicine, elderly care medicine and emergency medicine gained over 25 years of working between Italy, the United Kingdom and Developing Countries.

    Currently working in a multidisciplinary team focused on diagnosis in patients with suspected cases of cancer and clinical complexity, providing clinical support during the patient diagnostic journey.

    With a main area of expertise in the management of frailty in elderly patients and younger patients with comorbidities. A focus on providing prevention, holistic and comprehensive assessment, and disease diagnosis.

    After taking his medical degree with laude in 1997, at La Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, and Specialisation in Internal Medicine at La Sapienza University of Rome in 2002, he earned a consultant post in the Emergency Department within the University of Tor Vergata, Rome before relocating to the United Kingdom working for various Hospitals in Elderly care, stroke, emergency, and cardiology medicine.

    In 2016, Dr De Michele set up in 2016 a remarkable new service in Guy’s Hospital, London for early diagnosis of cancer which is dedicated to patients with non-specific symptoms, and more recently set up a similar service in King George Hospital, BHRUT.

    Spending two years on international missions in rural hospital in Africa and international training in internal medicine and elderly care in Catalonia and Sri Lanka.

    A member of the Pan London RDC group and dedicated trainer of both GPs and Advance Nurse Practitioners.

    You may wish to contact him for:

    • Diagnosis of non-specific condition like weight loss, malaise, fatigue, and non-specific derangement of blood sample.
    • Management of comorbidities in elderly patients
    • Management of complex medical conditions and comorbidities in younger patients
    • Comprehensive geriatric assessment in frail patients and holistic assessment.