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  • Dr Vanessa Michielon, PhD, FHEA

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    Vanessa Michielon, Yoga Lecturer and certified Pilates teacher, has been helping people improve their physical and mental resilience through movement for over 13 years.

    She is specialised in Yoga Therapy for Anxiety, Advanced Yoga Psychology, Polyvagal Theory applied to Yoga Therapeutics, Advanced Pilates, Pre/Postnatal Pilates and Pilates for Common Orthopaedic Conditions.
    If you experience anxiety or depression, chronic stress, shortness of breath, menopause symptoms, balance and concentration difficulties, muscular weakness or tightness in specific areas of your body, you can trust her extensive knowledge to create a holistic programme that suits your needs.

    Vanessa provides bespoke, clinically proven and highly effective sessions with a welcoming and inclusive approach, so that you can feel safe and empowered to actively improve your physical and mental health in a sustainable way.

    These are some of the benefits you can receive working with her:

    • increased flexibility, muscle strength and bone density
    • improved lungs capacity (key to support Covid recovery)
    • reduced non-specific back pain
    • improved joint stability, especially important for hyper-mobile people
    • improved cardiovascular health
    • improved athletic performance
    • increased body awareness, balance and agility, and consequent protection from injury
    • reduced physical and mental stress
    • improved sleep quality, energy and vitality
    • reduced menopause symptoms
    • safe core strength recovery after child birth (support in diastasis recti rehabilitation postpartum)

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